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Despite what this awesome stock photo might imply, the Home Assessment isn't a full home inspection

When we started this new business adventure we spent a lot of time discussing things that we might be able to do to make the lives of everyone involved in real estate transactions just a little bit easier. Ask any real estate professional what tends to be the most frustrating part about buying and selling property, and 9 times out of 10 their answer will involve home inspections. In fact, home inspectors are often the source of much frustration throughout the industry. At Sloan Inspections, not only did we want to change that, but we saw this frustration as opportunity. With great communication, superior service and a little bit of innovation, we think we can be a considerable asset to the real estate world.

Enter the free Home Assessment. Sloan Inspections is excited to offer free home assessments for any client listing their home with a partner real estate agent. This will be a quick overview of the home’s major systems including, but not limited to: Roof, major Moisture Intrusion issues, Structure, Electrical Panel, HVAC system, and Safety Issues. This quick assessment is meant to give the seller and listing agent an idea of what major issues might pop up throughout the selling process. This will give the seller a chance to fix any underlying issues, maybe even before listing the house, and the listing agent will have a better understanding of the home itself as they prepare the home for the market. These are the 6 categories that most often hold up a real estate transaction, and by getting ahead of the potential deal breakers, the Home Assessment will help ensure a smooth home selling process. The Home Assessment is not a Home Inspection. It is simply a quick visual assessment of the home’s major systems that tend to most often appear on a home inspection report. It is meant to identify problem areas, and highlight strong areas of the home to give the seller time to fix any issues ahead of time and help ensure a smooth selling process.

Be on the look out for more from Sloan Inspections, where our family is dedicated to protecting yours!

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